We are a Colombian company dedicated to integrate the requirements of industrial consumers in the international market of precious metals, along with the production from mining operations in Colombia, fulfilling the legal parameters preset nationally and internationally. General Manager





Professional in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing. She has extensive experience in managing mining operations in the commercial area of insurance companies and management of investment portfolios. Her family has a history for over 30 years in the mining sector, dedicated to the operation and exploitation of alluvial mining of precious metals in Colombia concentrated in the departments of Choco, Antioquia and Bolivar. She has always served as an administrative head of several mining concessions of her family business.


Founding Partner, General Manager

Public Accountant and Tax Specialist, with an International Standards graduate degree at the University of Asturias (Spanin). She has 15 years of experience in the area of Tax Auditing, Accounting and Tax. Specialist Attorney in Labor and Employment law. Independent litigator and business consultant in the field of labor and social security.


Accounting and Financial Director

Attorney specialized in Administrative Law and Environmental Mining Law University with a graduate degree in Teaching and Conciliation Law. It has a professional experience of 7 years as a Trial Attorney and Advisor in the public and private sector. She has worked in various public institutions performing Advisories in Legal Defense Procurement and entities. She has served as an Advisor on Revenue and Municipal Tax and Housing Projects in the municipality of Puerto Nare. Also, she has served as External Adviser of Caprecom.


Legal and Commercial Consultancy

John specializes in analysis and development of Information System. Jhon has graduate degrees in SQL Server, NET and Web Development. He has an experience of over ten years in Software Development, Administrative, Financial, CRM and Web Marketing Campaigns. He has served as a Technical Operator of POS and implementer of electronic platforms at Credibanco Visa.


TIC Director

Attorney with an Urban Planning and Environmental Masters Degree form the University Rey Jun Carlos University of Madrid-Spain. He is specialized in Mining and Environmental Law with a graduate degree in Teaching. He has experience in developing Due Diligence miners or future owners, environmental licenses for mining stages, concession procedures in environmental water and penalty procedures, formalization and mining consultant legalization, formalization and subcontracts easements holders. He worked on the Assistance and support project for the formalization of mining units of the department of Antioquia Governor of Antioquia, which conducted the School of Mines of the National University of Colombia-Medellín. He has experience in public procurement.


Legal and Mining Consultancy

Currently pursuing his undergraduate degree of International Trade, He is a certified Technician of Natural Resource Management Training Management and Treatment of Natural and Wastewater. He has extensive experience in monitoring , inventory control systems and determining the quality of precious metals. It has served in public office as an assistant in housing projects.


Laboratory Head

currently pursuing eighth semester of law at the Universidad Autonoma Latinoamericana; BACS internal auditing in standard version 4 -2012 and ISO 19011: 2011, offers training in quality management systems, safety and health at work, risk management, money laundering and terrorist financing, and management indicators, he has conducted safety studies with an emphasis on home visits and updating the ISO 9001: 2015; It has an experience of more than two years in the design, implementation and management of systems management.


Coordinator Management Systems



The gold production in Colombia dates back from pre-colonial times, when It became the target of Spanish conquerors in the sixteenth century. Colombia has the longest history on production and exploitation of gold in South America. Until the 20th century, 30% of the gold world wide came from Colombia.

Colombia has a great potential in mining. While doing a government study in order to stablish the strategic mining areas, 93 subareas were identified as relevant. This areas are covering a surface of 10,522,866 hectares which belongs to the 9.22% of the national territory. In fact, based on the valuation data of reserves reported to de General Comptroller of the Republic of Colombia, on which the new metalliferous metals projects were added it, such as La Colosa, Buritica, Sotonorte, Gramalote and Gigante, among others, it is estimated that Colombia has resources of about 146 million troy ounces (4,550 tonnes) of gold. In terms of gold production in Latin America, Colombia ranks fifth in annual production, with 54 tons per year, below Peru’s production with 140 tons annually. Countries like Mexico (The second largest producer in Latin America), Brazil and Argentina also have a higher annual production than Colombia. In total the production between all of the top five countries is nearly 265 tons per year.

The mining sector contributes significantly to the Colombian economy. First, in relation to gross domestic product (GDP), the mining sector accounts for an average contribution of 2.2% of Colombia’s GDP which generated $9.5 billion back in 2010. This amount increased to $10.6 billion in 2015. On that same period, coal’s share in GDP mining was approximately 65.9% while the metalliferous metals and non-metallic minerals participated with 18.9% of exports and 16% of foreign direct investment in the same period.

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